A Community of Idealist

Our staff is young and as diverse as they come. And nowhere will you find a group of people who are more shamelessly idealistic.

We Are Family. Litterally

Live Free is a leader in the field of global change. Our staff feels the same way.

Most of the talented individuals who make up our senior team at Live Free have been with us since we were a group of dreamers.

Together, we have grown to become one of the world’s most respected platforms for social change.

But what makes the Live Free team so special? We have grown up together and traveled the globe together. We have attended each other’s success and have supported each other in the setbacks.

We have laughed together and cried together; we are loyal and we know what it means to have each other’s backs.

Money is not our motivation. Instead, we are building a better world. We are building a lasting legacy for our children and ourselves.