Africa Freedom Tour Mt. Kilimanjaro Reflection

Africa Freedom Tour Mt. Kilimanjaro Reflection
Keeping everyone updated on the remarkable experience of summiting the tallest free standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro. I get allot of request to see the pictures and footage. We have tons of media assets that my award wining media team is scrambling around the clock to produce a trailer that will be available soon.
So don’t worry, there is tons of great footage. Funny moments of trying to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, to struggles of climbing with high altitude, and the fear in our faces as we look into the face of the tallest free standing mountain in the world. She wouldn’t let us climb her without a fight, and fight she did give us.
This journey was nothing short of life changing. I learned something new about myself on that mountain  I learned that no matter how strong you think you are, or how much you think you have it together, there is always room for improvement and growth.
I also developed a deeper appreciation for life. What I worry about is trivial to what I actually need to survive in life. I appreciate running water and toilet seats allot more. :o) I value social interaction more. On the mountain you don’t have distractions like e-mail, internet, social media, phone calls. You have to talk to people. You can’t hide behind personal assistants and a computer. Your wall’s are down, people get to see the real you, ugly and beautiful. The best part is that your not judged. We are all on the mountain, working as a team to reach the summit.
Climbing is different than triathlon. Triathlon is a individual sport. But climbing your as strong as your team. Totally different mindset and challenge. It brought out the best in me mentally, emotionally and physically. It taught me about leadership, by forcing me to rise higher and become a better leader and develop a deeper well of grace and patience for people and myself. This expedition has shown me how to bring out each person’s individual strength, and develop stronger teams, because we all needed each other to be successful. That will always prove valuable in my life and in the lives of everyone around me.
When we all reached the summit. I was so very emotional. At one point we were pushing so hard I thought we would never make it. Everyone was hurting, physically, emotionally and mentally. I could see it in their faces and I could hear the grunts of pain. We were about 8 hours into the climb, with this giant ridge looking down on us. It looked impossible but I just put my head down and kept on talking to motivate the others. I said, “Put all your fears, pain and doubts in a box, and keep going. You are stronger than this.”
I knew everyone had their own dark corners to confront and overcome. I did also. We all faced the darkest, ugliest, largest giant’s in our lives on that mountain. But we didn’t stay defeated and scared, we went out and conquered the tallest freestanding mountain in the world at 19,341 Feet.
Each one of us according to the world, should not have been able to achieve such a feat. We all have physical challenges to overcome. We should be depressed, living a life dependent on others, walking around with no hope or joy in our lives. But instead we took our challenges and setbacks that would crush a normal person’s spirit and made it our strongest comeback ever.
We each take away a life changing journey within our self that continues to infect the people across Africa with a clear message, “No Excuses, No Limits. Your altitude is determined by your Attitude.”
Always believe that you can achieve your dreams placed in your heart. Your best life is right here right now, in the moment.

Keep following us as I continue to update my blog and this remarkable journey through Africa Sharing Freedom and Hope throughout 4 cities and what it took for us to climb the highest peak in Africa. You won’t want to miss the adventure. Hope to see you on my next journey and events. Prepare yourself, we are coming to a city near you!!

Blessings and Guidance,