BackStage – Manzanillo Mexico – Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

BackStage – Manzanillo Mexico – Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

Back Stage, I kept the camera’s rolling after I took 30min togo over my final preparations and speaking topics. I wanted to capture every bit of the action, from behind the scenes. Not many understand what is really involved with leading up to a huge event, with all the many hours of preparation and all the action that is taking place. I wanted people to see a different side of myself and the team instead of just the highs.

Most of my final preparations are from the night before and the day of the event. That is when I perform my best, under pressure. I know exactly what buttons to push inside of me when under pressure in order to get myself into that state of mind where I can tune everything out and just focus.



Everyone has buttons in them to push to get the emotions and motivation that they need. For example, each and everyone of us knows exactly what buttons someone else needs to push to get us angry. The same goes to being happy. We just have to learn and identify what to push and when to push it.

I know these buttons well within myself, because it was developed by force over my entire life. Faced with so much negative, and emotional pain from being different you have to find ways to get the positive emotions from within you to carry you through the hours.

Looking within yourself is the source of getting stable emotionally, mentally, and physically. If you start looking outside for your happiness and comfort, what it end’s up doing is leading you down dark dead end roads that leave you feeling empty, and even more hopeless. That is why it is important to know who you really are. I am not talking about what your friends tell you who you are, or what the doctors report say’s, nor a performance evaluation at work say’s. I am talking about who you really are.

You are a child of the upmost highest God. The End.

You can spend all day everyday trying to justify who you are. Go to any mall and you can get lost in what people say you need to buy or have in order to define who you really are.

To help put things into perspective, “Amateurs Built the Ark and it floated, and experts built the titanic and it sunk.”

Get to know who you really are, and put on the labels of accepted, loved, healthy, talented, beautiful, and take off every negative label that you are wearing. Remember you are a child of the upmost highest God and he is proud of you.