Bible Believers Ministry Outreach

Bible Believers Ministry Outreach

When the lord blesses you and asks you to tell the world what he has done, he  isn’t playing around.

A fun filled trip for some down time, turned into a mission trip spreading the word of God, for people that so desperately need hope and to be found.

During our trip in NY, Rajesh Durbal had the wonderful opportunity to share his powerful testimony life story with the entire congregation of Bible Believers Ministry, in Ozone Park, NY

The beginning of the service you can tell everyone was weary, and did not know what to expect. Rajesh was not fully dressed for the event, but more so for the beach.

But as Rajesh started to preach, everyone started to drawn into his simple and direct life principles of overcoming the common obstacles in our lives.

Basic Concepts:

-How do you view yourself?

-Loving your enemies

-Self perception is motivation

-Love the trials and tribulations

-Love Yourself


These key basic concept coupled by biblical facts, helps drive the message of unlocking within your selves what is really holding you back. Once you can identify it, you can start to transform, from the inside out. Once that starts to happen, everything becomes much clearer, and you fears are almost non-existent, and more like challenges that empower you.

After over and hour of talking Rajesh noticed many self condemnation doubts, the look of guilt/sin/and shame in the audience faces started turning into smiles and a renew passion and hope in their lives.

 “Pastor Sheriff mentioned after service, This is the first time, the church has received a message like this with love and clarity, truly empowered everyone and helped us discover ourselves and love ourselves better”


Bible Believers Ministry Legacy

Bible Believers ministry also has a church planted in Guyana, and is looking to expand into broadcasting their services across the world, their ministry helps hundreds of people in communities that are underserved.

It’s through all the faithful supporters and partners that we can continue to spread the message of hope, restoration, and love to people that are so desperately needing help.

We are proud to be working with Bible Believers Ministry teaching the hope and love of God around with world.

For more information on how you can help or be a part of part of Bible Believers Ministry and live free missions


More information on Bible Believers Ministry

Bible Believers Ministries founded by Pastor Sheriff Rampersad, is directly involved in Christian Ministry here in Queens, New York and West Bank, Demerara in Guyana, South America. Although we are a Caribbean oriented church, our vision is to reach out to all people, to proclaim the Gospel and to help in whatever way we can, to help make their lives meaningful and purpose driven.

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