Central Florida DreamPlex

Central Florida DreamPlex




People that are differently abled are the highest rate of unemployment in the United States, and it is growing. In Central Florida, there are limited resources for people that are differently abled to participate in Adaptive Recreational Programs, organize sports, and access to the best therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment under one roof. 

Pro sports teams have dedicated facilities where they can train, rehabilitate and have a space to practice. This poses great benefits to have all these resources available, and the results speak for themselves.

Most of the organize disable sports teams do not have access to courts, ice rinks, tracks when comparing to the other high school, college and pro teams. In addition these teams don’t have access to the specialized rehabilitation programs equipment and professional trainers that specialize in working with people that are differently abled. What the Dreamplex will focus on is providing the available access to all these resources primarily for organized para olympic sport, in addition to all other organized teams. 

Not only will they provide these services and access they will also create jobs for people that are differently abled. Focusing on building self esteem, independence and confidence through sport. Through sport as the vehicle people the are differently abled will be able to feel good about themselves, get active and healthy, and earn a living thus making them a resource to society rather than dependent.  

Live Free is proud to be a part of the board to help drive this project forward brining awareness and creating more opportunity for people that are differently abled.