Changing Lives in Central Florida

Changing Lives in Central Florida

Working together with Central Florida YMCA to change lives


Elizabeth Dax is from South Africa. She was born with deficiencies in her legs, as a result she was abandoned at birth. Her young childhood was spent in a orphan home, crawling around, or laying in her bed, until she was adopted by her American parents.

Unable to walk on her own without crutches, and wanting a better life her adopted parents flew her from South Africa, to receive better medical treatment for her disability. She say’s” In South Africa there isn’t any good resources for disable people”

That story is common, of people living with disabilities overseas. There is not enough awareness, education and infrastructure to support disable people.

Elizabeth spent a week visiting doctors and facilities to get the resources she needed to start living life.  Live Free a strong supporter and advocate of the Central Florida YMCA, regularly donates time and talent to noble cause was called in to help with teaching Elizabeth the valuable life skills needed to start living life on her terms.

As a result Elizabeth got the right nutrition, equipment and life skills to help her with a fresh new start. It’s because contributions from local supporters that help make a difference for thousands of people in our partnership with the local YMCA of Central Florida.

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