Comparing Yourself

Comparing Yourself

Comparing Yourself With Others

How is it possible to compare your Inside with the Outside of Others. It is impossible to do that, so why do we do it?

¬†Rajesh Durbal Say’s ” It is the lack of self appreciation of ourselves, and our distorted view of who we really are, in which we compare with others to self validate that we are on the right path.”

Taking away from yourself

When comparing ourselves with people, what we end up doing is taking away from our own gifts that you are entrusted with. Comparing usually comes with the feeling of jealousy, anger, sad, and frustrated. It’s never a win/win situation, when you start comparing yourself to others.

If you fall victim to comparing yourself, it’s not too late to say to yourself, I am created perfect,¬† I continue to grow, my circumstances are not defining me and I will keep pressing forward growing and learning. You see, when you take on an attitude of praise and you allow yourself to see the real beauty of your gifts that you have at this very moment it ends up motivating you and empowering you to make the most with what you have.

Give to Yourself

Make it your start today to form better habits to learn to stop comparing your insides with the outside of others. Give back to yourself the power of our own identity, creativity, and gifts that you have at this very moment.

Matthew 18:4 Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Comforting words to know that when the disciples asked Jesus who is the greatest in the kingdom, he referenced the humbleness of a Child.

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