Fear Cripples You to Grow

Fear Cripples You to Grow

Don’t let fear cripple you.

You probably heard the saying FEAR means “False Evidence Appearing Real”

There is a fear that can creep into your life, if you don’t watch over your thoughts and the challenges in our lives. Before you know it you are afraid of trying something new. Or it take your longer to change your thoughts to bring yourself for something new.



Change happens when you are ready for it to happen. Not everyone changes. Some people never change and they live out their lives totally comfortable not really exploring new experiences, challenges and opportunities.

What most people don’t realize is that change it inevitable. If you don’t change you will become extinct.


What prevents you from changing.

It’s the fear on the unknown. When you can’t see a way you are reluctant to change.  It’s scary to take a step without seeing the ground. What we want is what is comfortable, and what we know. But like we said, change it inevitable.

Sounds good, now how do I do it?

Embrace Change

Embrace the fact that you must change, one day maybe sooner than later.

The sooner you realize that you will have to change the quicker you can begin preparing for the change. That last thing you want is to have to change, and not be ready for it.


Enjoy Your Change


Once you change, it might seem akward. Anything new is not enjoyable for the first time. But as you stick with the change you will see that with time you will start to enjoy the change and realize there was nothing really to fear about.






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