Follow Your Calling

Follow Your Calling

Don’t Be Scared

I met this young man name Darwin while working in a local Starbucks. It was almost closing time and he came up to me and introduced himself. He was an amputee and had noticed me on TV.

An hour before I met Darwin I was deep into thought dissecting and analyzing the screenplay for our theatrical film. The film would be about our huge Inspirational Freedom tour in Africa to share the life changing inspirational stories and the impact we made as we traveled around North and South Africa donating food, school supplies and motivational speaking.

As I dissected the screenplay, I had no idea what I was doing. I was teaching myself that night for the first time. I was scared. I wrested with the thoughts of, “What do I know about film and production, I’m going to fail at this.”

I had already built up all the reason why I should not do it and just hire someone. Pretty soon I was feeling defeated. But I quickly reminded myself

It Is Better To Try Than To Not Try.

So I gathered my courage and decided that I would put in one solid hour and not think about the huge undertaken in front of me.

Fear The Unknown

Your probably thinking, “That’s really inspirational and I wish I could do that” However following your calling and living your dream is not an easy road. It is one of the hardest things to start and sustain.

There are all different types of doubts, fears, obstacles, and risk involved. “Could I be successful?” “Do I have what it takes?” “I don’t know what my calling is.” “How will I support myself?”

There are day’s where you are just trying to get by, day after day you feel like you are walking through mud. This is normal. You are in a perfect place in your life. It doesn’t take any effort to stay where you are at. It takes effort to continuously grow and evolve.

Let It Go

Sometimes the best thing to do is, stop trying to figure it all out. When we are constantly trying to make something happen we can get frustrated when we are not seeing it happening as fast as we like to see it. When you are frustrated trying to pursue your dreams, that defeats the purpose of the choice you made to follow your calling.

Following your calling, should make you feel like you are living with divine purpose everyday. It is a feeling when you wake up in the morning, knowing exactly what you are here to do.

Learning to let go allows the creativity, positive thoughts, peace, and clarity enter back into your life. As the positive seeds start to fill your life, the negative seeds like anger, frustration, doubts, and uncertainty die, leaving you with a wonderful harvest to reap.

For something new to come into your life you have to let go of the old.

We all want to see something amazing happen in our lives. That is why we take vacation’s every year or challenge ourselves by signing up for athletic races and pick up new hobbies. It’s hard wired into us. As much as you want to deny it, we are not just here to float through life staying constant day after day playing it safe our entire lives

But what happens when the road you are on get’s tough and you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?


As I started earlier, I was in Starbucks working on my newest project, and I really had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was, “This is the calling placed in my heart and I would try to see it through as best I can.”

Right in the midst of that struggle of uncertainty and doubt I asked God to reconfirm AGAIN to me, “Is the calling in my life real?”

That’s when Darwin came into Starbucks. He was missing one leg, but I hardly noticed. His inner spirit shined brighter that his outer appearance. He first came up to me and politely introduced himself. He expressed how he has been following me through TV, and social media. He expressed his admiration with all the work we do around the world to change and shape people’s lives including his. I was deeply honored and humbled.

That was the reconfirmation I asked for. As we spoke sharing some laughs something he said resonated with me:

“You have no idea how many people you are inspiring and changing their lives. People are waiting for you and looking up to you”

That hit straight to the my core. It was clear.

When God puts something in your heart and deep down you know it’s a destiny moment, don’t wait for ten confirmations. Do it Now! Follow Your Calling.