In the News – Manzanillo Press Conference

In the News – Manzanillo Press Conference


Day 1 of our visit to Manzanillo Mexico We had a press conference schedule to meet with the Mayor and all the directors. This was truly a very humbling experience to be accepted into a country with such love and support towards our 5 day tour and conference. Here I was sitting with the people responsible for making this possible, Miss Diana Topete and Miss Pamela Martinez of the Imjuve Youth Institute.



Prior to our kickoff Tour – Just One Life we had a overwhelming response with the local government mayor and officials, during our press conference. I answered questions on what our goals were for this week, and how we will be touring around the city visiting many different places to bring hope and encouragement of the people in Manzanillo Mexico.

I talked about how everyone has gifts that they are blessed with, and that we should all embrace what we have in our lives serving others, helping people become the best that they can by encouraging and loving one another.

When we do this not only do we feel better, we prepare ourselves to receive more in return. You see when you invest into people it not only elevates the community it also promoted people as resource to you rather than being dependent. I focused on how we are partnered with the Imjuve Youth Institute, and if it wasn’t for them in thinking outside the box with their dedication, leadership and courage this would not be reality. As I spoke to the local government officials I emphasized how as leaders in their community it is important to not loose sight of serving people, while developing new and exciting programs to help influence change, leadership and positive mindsets within the community.




Here I am sitting next to the The Mayor of Manzanillo Mexico Mr. Virgilio Mendoza Amezcua along with Miss Diana Topete Director of the Imjuve Youth Institute.