Just One Life – Manzanillo Mexico World Tour 2013

Just One Life – Manzanillo Mexico World Tour 2013



We are so blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Manzanillo Mexico On a 4 day tour to Spread the powerful message of  Hope and Love.

Throughout the months we have been focusing on how can we help and love more people in places that we have not have the opportunity to travel to. At first when we were approached, we did not know what to expect as this would be our first time expanding our ministry  into Central America.  As we prayed about it we realize that there are so many youths in Central America that desperately need direction, hope, and love we knew that this is where we are supposed to go.

Meet The Wonderfully Talent team working at the Manzanillo Youth Institute to help put this tour together. 

Left to Right: Miguel Ángel, our good friend Leo Kusafuka, Diana Topete, Pamela Martinez, Jorge and Kenia.



I will be visiting and speaking at Orphanages, Youth Centers, Churches, as well as meeting Government and Youth leaders in the country. This privilege requires that I demonstrate tremendous sensitivity and wisdom every time I speak.

As I travel into this country, I cling to the mandate from Paul in Ephesians 6 and “put on the whole armor of God” in order to protect myself “from the schemes of the devil.”  

Everyone deserves to have hope, feel loved and know who they truly are – An Overcomer. Don’t they deserve this from us? Will you join me in this effort?

For this reason, I boldly come to you and ask you for your generous support of the Sharing Hope WorldWide Mission.

As an Ambassador I am will to sacrifice. Here’s your part. Here is what I’m asking you to do:

  • Pray for the success of Sharing Hope World Wide.
  • Give generously to Live Free as God moves in your heart to do so.

Thank you so much for hearing my heart and for joining me.

Blessing and Guidance,