Touch Down in Manzanillo Mexico – Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

Touch Down in Manzanillo Mexico – Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide



We have touched down in Manzanillo Mexico. It was a long flight coming from Florida, with a few connecting city’s, but we are here and excited to be a part of the amazing transformation and experience of helping people break every chain that is held them down. The theme of our tour is Just One Life, while Sharing Hope Worldwide. We will be here for 5 jam packed days of touring the local government, orphanage homes, churches,  5k foot race and a huge youth conference of over 7,000 people.

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Everywhere I Tour I bring care packages to give out to the less fortunate children and people we meet. This time around, I knew we were visiting orphanage homes and churches. So what we did was put together school supplies and games for the children at the homes.  As we handed them out you should of seen their faces light up, I will talk about that in a future blog. All together from our volunteers and staff, we had over 100 care packages with us.

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Everywhere I go I travel with my Mom. She is such a powerful driving force behind what I do I honestly could not do everything without her. She basically does almost everything, my care taker, manager, coordinating logistics and ensures that everything is running smoothly with the Live Free Board and partners involved while I am on travel. Here she is greeting Miss Diana Topete for the first time.




 After our initial greetings I was able to meet the core group from the Imjuve Youth Institute for the first time. My first initial impression was they felt like family, and to this day I still consider them family. 

Left to Right: Miss Esme Pantaleon, Miss Diana Topete, Rajesh Durbal, Anne Durbal, and Miss Pamela Martinez





I need to specifically recognize these three extraordinary women. Not only were they the ones that helped organize this entire conference tour, this was their very first time they have ever done something like this. Not only are they new in their roles, they were unsure how it was going to turn out. Talk about walking by faith! They worked tirelessly with so many different agencies and people to ensure everything would be a success, in a very short amount of time.

They showed outstanding leadership and and level of excellence with determination that we all should model and learn from. It was truly and honor and a blessing to be working with such a talented driven team of people. I should also mention they are all very young, so let that be a lesson that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can still be an effective leader and driving force.

Left to Right: Miss Esme Pantaleon, Miss Diana Topete and Miss Pamela Martinez



By this time we were traveling for about 16 hours, so as we made our way from the airport to our hotel The Las Hadas, we were greeted with a majestic sunset over the bay. It was truly a wonderful ending to a long day of traveling. Stay tuned for my next write up and videos, coming soon!