Life With Meaning Life With Hope

Life With Meaning Life With Hope

Created To Be A Champion In Life

There are many people that are living with no purpose, wondering what does life truly hold? We have this vision of who we are and what we are supposed to be doing. However truth is not many people are actually living it daily. The most talented successful people know the importance of developing a plan comes from envisioning the end result first. Then from there they work backwards identifying the steps needed to take to achieve the vision. These steps can be in the form of schedules, milestones, education, health, or career. But where does that vision come from? If you dig a little deeper there are goals, passions, talents, dreams and desires that are placed in each and everyone of us. Maybe it is to get healthier, or become a independent entrepreneur, successful business owner, or land your dream job. Whatever your vision is,  it is your sole responsibility to develop your meaning and purpose. 

Often we look outwards to develop and validate our meaning and purpose. As perfectly created we were created with everything we would ever need that secures our meaning and purpose. Looking outward is building your foundation on sand as everything outward is in a constant changing of states that can prevent you from achieving your passions and goals. When you base your self worth and identity outward it can lead you down roads that are not as fulfilling taking you farther away from who you really are.

I knew this woman once that liked to react in a negative way to everything that was not part of her plan. She was a nice woman that had many good qualities about herself. Very organized thoughtful, smart and talented. She had tremendous potential to become a very successful woman in business, however she could never get off on the right foot to follow her true meaning and purpose. As a result she had some unresolved issues of angry and bitterness that she was trying to cope with and overcome. 

Our meaning and purpose is what grounds you in the storms of life. It is learning to be at peace right where you are at when your plan does not come to pass. Your plans might be part of your meaning and purpose, but not solely what defines you.

You are built for so much more, so do not loose sight or hope after investing allot of time, effort, money and emotions into your life and then things don’t work out with the bottom falling out. This can leave you feeling like you have gotten robbed, however be encouraged today you will make a commitment to renew your hope and purpose to not just accept whatever comes your way in life. You were created with meaning and purpose. You were born with everything instilled in you. 

Born to Win. Born for Greatness. Created to be a Champion in Life.


Rajesh Durbal