Who is Rajesh

Rajesh Durbal is one of the words leading practical inspirational teachers, leading millions of people to find hope and restoration in their lives.

Suffering emotional, physical, and physiological abuse as a child, Rajesh discovered the freedom to live victoriously by applying God’s Word to his life and, in turn, seeks to help others do the same.  He has attended close to 11 conference and events annually, and reaches a potential audience of 400 million people worldwide with his teaching, speaking, and conferences.


How did Live Free Foundation Get started?

Live Free Foundation was started on faith in 2010.


What does Live Free foundation do?

Live Free Foundation is commitment to teaching the practical truths of hope and restoration in people’s lives and meeting the needs of peoples lives around the world. Simply put our goal is to empower the world to live amazingly. Whether it’s teaching through conferences, radio, workshops, athletic events, humanitarian efforts, we strive to do all that we can to help those who need it.

How many international Offices does Live Free Have?

Live Free Foundation has 3 offices, NY, Florida, Trinidad and Tobago.


Who oversee’s Live Free Foundation?

Live Free Foundation is overseen by Rajesh Durbal and Saati Shields. In addition an independent board of directors.


Does Live Free Make it’s Financial information Available?

Yes. In an effort to function with transparency, accountability and excellence, our financial information can always be accessed through our website. Live Free Foundation voluntarily submits to an annual audit by an independent accounting firm.

View our Annual Report Here..

What is a Live Free Partner?

A partner is someone who’s made a decision to support our many outreaches through volunteering and/or through regular financial donations. Our partners make everything we do possible. If Live Free Foundation has changed your life, join us and become a partner.

What are the benefits of partnering with Live Free Foundation? Do I have to give a certain amount?

As a partner with Live Free Foundation, you are changing lives around the world. With your support, every day we are teaching to millions of people to find hope and restoration in their lives. Through radio, conferences, workshops to bringing hope to prisoners, to the elderly, reaching troubled youth, and so much more.

In addition to impacting the world, you will receive a special resource from Rajesh every month. To become a partner, we do not require you to give any certain amount; we simply ask you to pray and seek wisdom on the decision.


What if I am already a partner and would like to make my monthly donation or increase my giving?

Make your monthly donation online. To increase your giving, make your update online.


Can I volunteer at an upcoming conference?

Yes. We recruit volunteers for our U.S. and international conferences and missions. If you are interested in volunteering, learn more here and fill out our online form.



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