Love without Limits Turks and Caicos Islands

Love without Limits Turks and Caicos Islands

As I landed in Turks and Caicos, I realized that this was not going to be just a ordinary quiet trip. I didn’t plan on bringing my production team to capture the trip, because initially this was just going to be some good family time that was very much needed after a long busy year of traveling, events, and missions work.

The previous couple nights before, I was told that Angels were assigned to me to share hope and inspire everyone around me. I didn’t take notice to that comment only up until I was traveling through the Orlando international airport. Everyone was smiling and saying hello, more than usual as I walked through. I silently prayed for total strangers and the more I did the more I stood out, and the more random acts of kindness that was shown to me.

I knew God was blessing me, because I had that feeling of being on top of the world with so much joy and peace. It is a great feeling, knowing that I did not have to do anything that involved amazing physical feats or changing my environment to get that “high”. I just had to dwell my thoughts on what is good, and humble myself in the lords presence by letting my light shine.

As I continued through the airport I could see people coming alive in my presence. It is really very strange to me to say that, because I don’t ever think I am above people or see myself above people. However I could see the drastic difference in body gesture, their facial features and overall heavy spirit being lifted. I shared comforting words with everyone I had a chance to, and engaged everyone the same exact way no matter what they looked like, age, or gender.

As I made my way to the island I had the most amazing time on the plane. Again more good favor with the airline crew with snacks and preferred seating.  I thought about the first thing I wanted to do when arriving to the island. That was to focused on re-energizing and do the things that I love to do, which is swimming, walking, eating, and just laying on the beach falling asleep with the waves crashing. I quickly realized after a short while on the island no matter what I do and where I go people are drawn to me and look up to me as a source of strength, courage, and inspiration.

When I landed in the Turks and Caicos airport, I was greeted with a whole new country of smiling faces and people staring at me in shock. I smiled back and said hello to everyone knowing that somehow I was making a difference. The look of shock makes me laugh sometimes, I get every imaginable response from people, and it always humors me and I silently think to myself how cool is that to not even have to try to be different. I am just different.

I arrive at the hotel and was instantly greeted with above and beyond hospitality. My parents had reached a couple hours earlier and they told the entire staff about me, so by the time I got there everyone was excited to meet me. There goes my quiet down time on the beach. :o)

It was okay, my parents are my biggest supporters and advocacy for all my goals and support what I do. I am truly beyond blessed to have loving, strong, determined parents, so they look for any opportunity to boast about my accomplishments.

The next 5 day’s was non stop of people smiling and coming up to me to say how inspiring and strong I am. Some people knew me from other events that they have seen me in, which was very shocking. I couldn’t even go to a small island to hide without someone knowing who I was. That is the power of God he will make it know to all the world who he is through us no matter where you are. I loved sharing the love I have for life with people. I live in total confidence and victory because of God working in my life so profound, and people all across the world need to know that there is a God that is real and is working to make everything right.

After reflecting on my trip, and looking back at the many memorable moments sowing seeds into people’s lives. My life doesn’t allow for me to really have a down day. I noticeably stick out with the iron man legs and my little drum stick flapping in the wind. I am okay with this, it is such a blessing and honor to be made set apart in such a way that people have no choice but to just marvel at God’s creation.

My hope is that I am pleasing God living out that blessing and using the gifts given to me to the absolute fullest every single day.

Here are some pictures of the week with the family and people that I met along the way, on my “down time”




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