Malia Crushes Cancer Foundation

Malia Crushes Cancer Foundation


On April 1, 2011, it was official: 2 ½-year-old Malia Dakota Jusczyk’s carefree life of Disney World and pony rides, soccer practice and swimming pools, came to a grinding halt. A CT scan revealed that Malia’s recent “tummy aches” were caused by a large tumor lodged in her abdomen. The solid mass wrapped around major blood vessels and pushed against her kidney and aorta. A biopsy confirmed that Malia has a very aggressive childhood cancer known as stage IV (high risk) neuroblastoma. The cancer had metastasized into her bones and bone marrow (cranium, humerus, and femur).

Malia’s Foundation participates in many events to raise funds and raise awareness to neuroblastoma. Her organization started the Malia Crushes Cancer Fund to raising money to help families facing neuroblastoma and to help research a cure.

Throughout the year Malia’s foundation participates and host different events,  around the united states, to raise awareness and funding to continue fighting for the cure on cancer.  If you want to participate or volunteer at any one of the the events they host, you can find out more information on their website.

We believe every child is precious,  and deserves  to have a chance to live life with out limitations. Visible or invisible limitations,  Live Free is committed making a difference, through the help of our faith supporters and sponsors.

Live Free was able to donated over $500 of nutritional supplies, tee shirts, water bottles for the volunteers and families that are participating in their events around the United States. These supplies will go directly to support the families,  children and volunteers.


Rajesh Durbal say’s, “I would like to highlight one of our trusted strong partners GU Energy. They are committed to the mission, and were more than happy to contribute samples and energy gels to all the children and families.  Its because of GU Energy’s partnership and strong support, we are able to continue to change the lives of people around the world.”

For more information on GU Energy you can visit their website.