Mindset of a Champion

Mindset of a Champion

The rich life is living, not just winning. And living requires fulfillment, not simply achievement.

An extraordinary life depends on the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. Striving without ever being satisfied makes successes hollow, not enriching. There’s always a way to make more money, but what makes you happy? What brings you joy?


Mastering Skill #1 The science of achievement. This is where you master the ability of what you envision and make it real. There’s a science to achievement. There’s a science to making money. There’s a science to the body. Everyone is fundamentally different but there are certain rules and laws that if you violate you’re going to have a lack of energy, and if you really violate them your going to have Dis-ease in the body. Disease. It comes from violating those rules.  If you align with the rules of achievement around the body you’ll have an abundance of energy, you’ll feel strong. you’ll have an extraordinary body and extraordinary energy that comes with in.

When you get on top, sometimes you have to fight even harder to win.

I didn’t lose my talent or drive, I lost my focus. I spent too much time and energy thinking of the losses and being paralyzed by fear, instead of letting my hunger for future wins take over when racing and training.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. If you focus on your negativity and fears, those thoughts will consume you and suck all of your energy, just as they did for me.

There’s also a second set of skill that you need to master to have a extraordinary life. That is The art of fulfillment.


Mastering Skill #2 The art of fulfillment.

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. The human mind is not going to make you happy. You have to direct it. It’s the worst to achieve everything and not feel fulfilled. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve achieved something I wanted badly and when I finally achieved it my mind said “Is this all that there is!”

In other words trade expectation for appreciation.

“Everything I do from this day forward is a bonus.” Everything in the past doesn’t matter. Everything today in the moment for me is just extra.” By appreciating what I have already accomplished, I found a way to shift my focus and alter my  energy, moving beyond fear to a position of strength.



Another result of my confidence has been following through my life long ambitions not related to sport. I always told myself that I wanted to help people that couldn’t help themselves. I wanted to work with disable people so that they would be able to afford the best medical supplies to live a independent active lifestyle. I realized life is not always about ME, it’s about what I can contribute.