Minister of Sport Trinidad and and Tobago

Minister of Sport Trinidad and and Tobago

During our Live Free No Excuses tour in Trinidad and Tobago, we raised $30,000 from the Minister of Sports and Sports Company to help physically challenge people in the country.  As a joint partnership between 36 sponsors and 3 non profits, all the proceeded from the minister of Sports and were directly donated to the non profits in the country to help provide equipment, and raise awareness for physically challenge people.


Uniting Government with to Share in Hope and Restoration

Rajesh says he was thrilled with the response. “I set my mind a couple years ago to go to places where there was a false misconception of the abilities of physically challenge people. To educate and bring awareness to some of the people who don’t have a voice. I am proud that we can go places where we could make a significant impact on the communities and people that so desperately need it.


Making It Possible to Spread the Message of No Excuses

Rajesh is quick to point out that none of this could have happened without our partners who sent us to Trinidad and Tobago.  “We’re very excited about the opportunity to be here because these are people who don’t have opportunity and awareness to get the right treatment and bring awareness to their problems in the country. They don’t have the resources available to them and they really, really need to be encouraged. And so we count it a privilege and an honor that our partners has allowed us to come in at this time.”

With privilege comes responsibility. Thank you for recognizing yours and restoring hope together with us in Trinidad and Tobago.

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