Ministry of People and Social Development – Trinidad

Ministry of People and Social Development – Trinidad


As the week continued I we had the amazing opportunity to share hope and inspiration through many different media stations, leading up to the health and well event.

It is always so very humbling to be invited into a country to help inspire and motivate people. After our weeklong tour in trinidad working with the differently abled population, speaking, handing out care packages, and wheel chairs, we realized there is a big need for the social acceptance to change about the views of people that are living with a disability.

The Week long tour was such a huge success The Honroable Dr. Glen Ramadharsingh Ministry of People and Social Development invited me to come back to trinidad and work in an ambassador role as their Social motivator. The Countries First certificate and appointment.




There were so many disable people that came out to walk/run the 5k around the savannah, it was truly a memorable experience with big bright smiles.



Taking time to understand fully the challenges that people face in the country really helps me become a better leader and motivator. When you take time to fully understand the challenges it helps me lobby better with the Government. I also really enjoyed connecting and sharing the struggles, learning from each other to help one another  overcome our similar challenges together.

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As the event concluded to an end, people from all walks of life were, leaving with fresh hope and inspiration to helping them become the best that they can become, and releasing the negative thought and beliefs that hold them down.

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