Planting Your Seeds

Planting Your Seeds

Today, it’s not only planting good seeds to reap a good harvest, it’s having the right soil and preparing it to bear a good harvest.

Farmers know that before they set out to plant seeds, they have to prepare the soil so that the seeds can take good root.  That means you have to break it up by tilling the soil.  Farmers know that if they don’t prepare the seed to take good root the crows will come down to steal the seeds.

There are different types of soils, not every soil no matter how much you till it would bear a good harvest. Some soils are sandy, rocky, packed, and rich. The types of soil, are a reflection of your heart. Some hearts are calloused, busy, or rich. Some hearts, seeds take good root, but at the first sign of trouble they crumble. While others are not ready for the seed.

The condition of your heart to receive the seeds planted in you are as important as the seeds themselves. You may hear and know know the right things to do in your life, but for some reason the seeds roots don’t grow. Or maybe you continually struggling with a certain area in your life and you just can’t reap a good harvest, because the seeds roots aren’t deep.

Do not worry, there is always room to improve no matter what condition of your heart. Just like tilling the soil in order to prepare the planting of the seed, its the same with your heart. In order to receive the seed and plant it deeply, your heart must be broken. It’s only at this vulnerable moment that your heart can fully be open to receive the seed and ensure that its roots grow deep.

I believe that its a good place to be when you are broken, it prepares your heart and the planting of seeds deeply with strong roots so that the crows cannot steal it.






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