Police Youth Athletic League

Police Youth Athletic League

In a world where there is so much suffering and pain, we partner with as many organizations as possible to bring hope to people that are suffering.

Rajesh Durbal say’s Its is important to not only teach kids about physical fitness, but to instill in them good morals and values to build their inner self confidence on.

In a area that is full of athlete’s and facilities for training coaching and support the Police Youth Athletic League that trains out of Clermont, Florida needed more. It’s a true testament to the suffering that so many people and kids have togo endure everyday in all walks in life.  

Rajesh Durbal, visited the youth training group, of under privaledge kids to teach them about the life coaching skills they would need throughout their entire life, how to overcome challenges, believe in themselves. After the talk Rajesh Durbal ran with the youth so they could experience what it is like to see faith in action.

Partners and Supporters

Thanks to our supports and sponsors for donating to the event. We were able to give kids the proper nutrition needed to keep on pursing their athletic passions.



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