Press Conference Manzanillo Mexico – Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

Press Conference Manzanillo Mexico – Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

Day 1 we were up and early, no time to waste with a jam packed day of press conferences, and visiting multiple government buildings and  and influential people to pay courtesy of everything we will be doing in the country.


Our first Stop was in Colima where we had a interview with the newspaper capital.




When we got into the building we met the amazingly talented Media Crew we hired to cover this week of touring. This is a behind the scene’s shot as Miss Diana Topete leading the effort strategizing how we will cover the start of this amazing day filled with tons of exciting life changing experiences.



I started my first interview. This was the first time working with a translator, Miss Diana Topete looked like she was yelling at me. What actually was happening is me trying to focus on the english translation while my interviewer spoke spanish.

This was different from every interview I have ever done. I actually had to block out the interviewer and the questions, so that I could concentrate on what Miss Diana Topete was translating to me. In the end it worked out great, after a rough start, we got the hang of it.



After the interview, we posed for pictures for the newspaper and showed off our difference in physical challenges.



Before I knew it we where on the road again, on our way to City Hall in Manzanillo Mexico, for another press conference.


This is what I saw when I walked in, I couldn’t believe it, the city honored me and the conference we were doing in the country. It was such a blessing to be a part of something so very huge and a warm welcome into the city.



When we started it turned into a press feeding frenzy, with press from every major newspaper and TV station asking about our monumental event in the country. They were interested in what we were planning on doing and the message I wanted everyone to receive. I told them that I wanted people to live above their circumstances, that it doesn’t matter what they may be facing, nothing is impossible or unattainable. I also emphasized on the local outreaches we were going to be doing, which involved visiting the orphanage homes that house children and local churches.



Myself and Mr. Presidente addressing the press.



Off course the core team and I had to take pictures – Just One Life



After the press conference, I had a sea of people waiting to meet me and take pictures, especially this sweet little girl. She was soo precious. Our youth are our future leaders and it is so very important they have positive role models to look up that stand with integrity, perseverance, honor and courage.




On my way out, I had the honor to meet this courageous strong man I saw him waiting patiently as I was trying to make my way out. Because of the building construction he was not able to move around. Most buildings I visit in differently countries do not cater to people that are differently abled so they lack elevators, ramps and parking.

This is a big problem I see in many countries, so I use my platform God has given to advocate and be that voice for people that are differently abled. Ever chance I get I bring to light the area’s that need changing with local government officials and lobby for legislation changes. press12


After I walked out the building, this is exactly what I saw. What a beautiful sight. Perfect ending to a crazy press frenzy morning. It was truly amazing, for many people on so many different levels. I saw people smiling with new beliefs. I could see the tears forming in their eyes with new hope. I realize that I am that symbol for hope that you can do everything and anything you want, showing people that you have that power in you.

Each and everyone has seeds of greatness hardwired in them. Every blessing and seed of greatness put in you, is a gift in which it is up to us to believe and have faith that our best day are ahead of us.

As much as life wants to try and tell it won’t be better, or could never get better, always remember there is nothing in this world that can prevent you from receiving the blessings already prepared for you in life.