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One Weekend Can Change Everything.

Breakthrough Power transforms everything - Your finances, relationships, health. It's closer than you think. Connect with the people, the passion and the environment to make it happen. All you need is within you now!

Do you find yourself asking "Is there more to life than this?"

Don’t settle for less than the life you desire, the life you deserve and the power to be everything that you can be.

The world around us isn’t getting any easier, more peaceful or less challenging. In order to change our circumstances, the only solution is intensive personal development. You can’t make that change until you really know what’s influencing and driving you.

Your beliefs, needs and emotional patterns are invisible forces that determine how you live your life every day.

The will to win. The drive to overcome any obstacle. Whatever you call it, winners find a way. You can learn how to become stronger, more resourceful and more powerful than you ever thought possible with personal development. Be a part of one weekend that can change everything!




Change anything in your life, your career, your body, your finances and your relationships, permanently.

1.   Develop a clear target of what you want in your life and why.

2.   Define your target - Get an effective and efficient game plan to hit it.  Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Get a proven map, an effective mentor and training to drive you to take action.

3.  Understand your personal blueprint and how to create meaning and emotion and what causes you to think, feel and behave the way you do. Unlock what is blocking you and unleash the power for change within you.

4.   Master the skills of rapport and influence to maximize your effectiveness. Master the Art of Fulfillment - Your ability to feel happiness and joy in the process. Delight in the experience of life.

Turn fear into power. (Break the subconscious vicious circle of fears)

In the vicious circle, it is a human tendency to collapse what happened and the story we tell about what happened. This collapsing happens so fast it becomes hard to separate the two and we think of them as one and the same. Almost immediately and certainly over time, the story we tell ourselves becomes the way it is – The reality we know. It limits what is possible in our lives, robbing us of much of our joy and effectiveness.

When we are able to separate what happened from our story or interpretation, we discover that much of what we considered already determined, given and fixed, may in fact not be that way. Situations that may have been challenging or difficult become fluid and open to change. We find ourselves no longer limited by a finite set of options and able to achieve what we want with new ease and enjoyment.

Learn the secret to peak performance that Rajesh Durbal has used to transform himself and other elite athletes, entertainers and business leaders.

Discover how to break the subconscious fears that are holding you back.

Once you get started doing the impossible, or at least what you thought was impossible, you can conquer every impossibility in your life with ease.

Turn Dreams Into Reality

If someone says to us, “X is possible,” we would normally understand them to mean that X does not now exist and that its existence is not certain. Our use of the word possibility is different from this ordinary usage. We are not speaking about something remote or something that may happen in the future. In this day we look at the notion of possibility in a whole new light.

This new view of possibility has an immediate and powerful impact on who we are, how we live our lives and how we see things – now, in the present. It has the power to:

Move, touch and inspire us

To shape our actions

To shift the way we are right now

Breakthrough to Your New life

Now that you conquered your fears and clarified what you want and made a plan for getting there, the only things that are holding you back are the inevitable inner conflicts that prevent you from taking consistent action.

On this day you will learn a step by step process for modeling the best strategies to consistently achieve any result you desire.

We will also put the past where it belongs – in the past. We will begin to see our lives as a free and authentic expression – from what is possible, rather than what has been.

Create and utilize triggers to get yourself and others to follow through.

The Power of Pure Energy

8 Principles of a Vital Life.

Learn how to increase your energy, strength and stamina and boost your immune system with effective nutritional and psychological strategies .

  1. The Power of Vital Breathing
  2. The Power of Living Water and Live Foods
  3. The Power of Essential Oils
  4. The Power of Alkalinity
  5. The Power of Aerobic Exercise
  6. The Power of Maximum Nourishment
  7. The Power of Structural Alignment and Maximum Strength
  8. The Power of a Directed Mind & Heart

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  • Expedited Diamond Registration and Reception
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  • BreakThrough Power (Rajesh's Newest Multimedia Product)
  • Expedited Diamond Registration and Recepetion
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  • Breakthrough Power (Rajesh's Newest MultiMedia Product)
  • Expedited Diamond Registration and Recepetion
  • Exclusive OneSite Sessions and Receptions
  • Course Materials
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