Peak Performing Business

A 5-Week In-Depth Video Series

Does your business need an overhaul? Do you crave a solid foundation for the business? Are you ready for a radical change? Then this is exactly the program you need to take your business to another level!

1. Create a Map

Knowing where you really are and creating an effective business map are the biggest challenge for business leaders is that they're not honest about where the business really is. They often see it better than it is, which keeps them going but it causes them to have blind spots that inevitably undermine or even destroy the business.

2. Knowing what business you're really in, or what business you need to be in.

For the long term this is critical. Knowing why you're in the business and ultimately what outcomes you want the business to serve is critical for a business owner. Then, you have to know who you are and who you need in order to have long-term success.

3. Strategic innovation

Find a way to meet your client's needs better than anybody else.

4. Strategic marketing.

This means having a process that gets a mass number of people to want to do business with you. Or, more importantly, the ideal client you want, to seek you out. It's something I call "value-added marketing."

5. Sales marketing strategy

This is attracting clients but that doesn't mean anything unless you produce continued growth and sales.

6. Financial and legal analysis.

If you aren't able to understand and analyze the financial condition of your business on an ongoing basis, you're like a pilot of a plane who doesn't know how to read the gauges in front of him.

7. Optimization and maximization of your people and processes.

You can grow your business consistently with less resources by leveraging and optimizing what you already have in place.


Most people spend more time in their business than they do with their children, or with their spouse. For most business owners, the business is just an extension of their identity. Making a shift or a dramatic change in your own psychology, that spills over to impact your business and every other area of their life is the ultimate goal.