Rajesh Durbal Wins Hearts at Rainbow Cup

Triple amputee Rajesh Durbal again showed to Trinidad and Tobago that willpower and determination trumps even the most difficult setbacks in life after competing in the Sprint triathlon event at the popular Neal and Massy Rainbow Cup in Turtle Beach, Tobago on Saturday.

Durbal stopped the clock at one hour, 38 minutes and 21 seconds to finish 56th overall in a field of 104 competitors to the amazement of onlookers.

Speaking after the race, Durbal, who resides in Canada expressed great joy to be a part of the race once more and was elated to see how much he was able to motivate others to fulfil their dreams despite whatever obstacles they may face.

“It humbles me because it’s nice to know that the hard work I put in pays off and people are inspired by it and start making better life choices and start feeling better about themselves. I just think that’s amazing,” Durbal said.


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