Running Scared

Running Scared

When to Run. It’s natural to run away from what scares and hurts us. No one likes to be scared or hurt. Picture a baby touching a hot stove burning its hand, they learn the first time not to touch the hot stove. Or how bout the first time you watched a scary movie, you probably closed your eyes during the scary parts, or changed the channel.

Why Don’t We Run?

As adults why don’t we learn the first time when something hurts us or scares us? Why don’t we run, or change the channel? Many people continually stay in abusive relationships, abusive homes, and living scared because they don’t know when to run. Maybe you are the person that is always scared of what the future is. Maybe you are co-dependent and scared to let go.

Difference of Running

There is a big difference in why you run.If you are running away to get out an environment that is physically abusive or dangerous situation that is the best for you to do. When you run away because you’re fed up of fighting, or tired of not feeling loved, emotionally scared, shutdown, or disrespected that doesn’t not always warrant you to run. In these situations it can be improved with faith and prayer.


Prolong Healing

Running away only prolongs your healing. When you run you avoid facing the problem, which will ultimately hold you back, because you won’t allow yourself to resolve the problem. This prevents you in reaching closure and inner peace. Running is like putting a band aid on your wound. The problem with band aids is eventually they fall off and then you are left with an open wound that never healed. Face your fears, and the hurt that is inflicted on you, by making the choice to stop running and receive your healing by facing the hurt and fear that you are feeling.


Face the Feelings

Facing these feelings takes lots of strength and courage. Only the Lord can give you sustainable courage and strength while working with you to heal and wash all the wrong that was done to you, by making it right in your heart. The only way for that to happen is you must ask him and invite him into your life to walk with you every step of the way.

It’s available to everyone at anytime. All you have to do is ask.

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