Grounded and Ready – Manzanillo Mexico Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

Grounded and Ready – Manzanillo Mexico Just One Life Sharing Hope World Wide

Before any huge event, I always like to get grounded, by visiting the venue. I take that time to envision myself and how I will deliver my speaking topics and my performance. I see the audience cheering, happy, and laughing I see myself connecting with everyone, and envision the faces that are happy, crying with joy, and hope filled eyes. 

Speaking to a audience that does not speak english was challenging for me. I never had done it before so I wasn’t sure how to speak and could my message be delivered with impact and emotion. Lucky for me I met my interpreter Miss Noel. She is amazing, she translated perfectly and put the emotions and meaning into my words as she translated.

We got chance to practice together as I spoke to this small group of world class volleyball players. They were training for their up and coming tournament overseas. I knew they were ready physically, I had seen them training prior to me talk to them, but what I was interested in and what is most important is training the mental game and toughness. 

I gave them some pointers of how to discover the buttons inside to push to get the results that they would need once they get into competition. 




The end of our session, I had them do a Victory Pose. This is not just a pose. It is a symbol of putting action towards what you heard. When you do this, what you are telling your body is I can do anything. This stimulates all sorts of positive emotions, and feelings that help get you into a resourceful state.