Stakholders Discussion For Change

Stakholders Discussion For Change

Part of the No Excuses Tour in Trindad and Tobago is how do we create a forum to solve the problems in the country. The main goal was to sustain the effort of the impact of our presence for months to help lead and direct the country in a way that would lead to change and freedom of thinking, legislation changes, mobile accessibility, public awareness, and medical changes in education and jobs.

Rajesh wanted true transformation. When asked how do you impose to bring trust transformation? He said True transformation cannot be done alone.

He also said, “I am proud to announce that as part of our responsibility in the country we are happy to bring all these major organizations together to talk about the issues and how we plan to proceed going forward”

As one of our sustainability efforts to uniteĀ  the major stakeholders in the country which included local non government organizations we hosted the event, as part of our tour. We noticed significant improvement in the relationships and solutions to the problems as everyone realize that this is a country wide problem.

For the first the the community, government and local NGO’s united for a positive change and worked together to bring restoration and hope in this country.

Rajesh also wants to note that if it wasn’t for all the hundreds of volunteers partners to bring Live Free Foundation into the country, this country wide revival would have never happen. We are hopeful and excited to continue the support of the efforts in this region in the upcoming year.


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