Storehouse Family Church – Always Remember Your Victories

Storehouse Family Church – Always Remember Your Victories


Always Remember Your Victories

You are strong in so many different way’s. Rajesh Durbal focuses on how to Live in Victory, by identifying what is holding you back, changing your perception and thoughts about yourself, and techniques to practice everyday to live life in victory always.

During the life coaching session to the youth at Storehouse Family Church, Rajesh made everyone practice their victory pose.

Rajesh Says, “It is essential that you focus on the victory that you will have instead of the little challenges that you will have to overcome. Focusing on the victory forces you to elevate the way you think, and see everyday life.

After the life coaching session the entire audience was fired up and already set new goals, with new passion, clarity and purpose. Now that is Empowering the World to Live Amazingly, and Live Free.”