Tear Down the Wall

Tear Down the Wall


Look beyond what your eyes can see. You don’t need to see it to believe it.

There is a fire deep inside each and everyone one of us. Remember when you were a child. You were excited to venture out and explore, experience new and different things. It didn’t take much to excite and spark creativity passion and joy in your life. Everyday there was something to look forward to, sometimes so much so that you had trouble sleeping the night before.

Now somewhere along the way in life you have lost that fire inside. You hit a road block experienced a setback and now you lost that excitement, and the will to keep exploring venturing out into the unknown.

Open your eyes and you will see more than what you life is. There is hope in that setback.

You can’t deny that fire that is burning deep inside you. It’s speaks into your life in subtle way’s. It comes in the form of trying new food, traveling to a new place, or taking on a new challenge. It knows your deep desires, your dreams. It even ¬†knows how to reignite your inner fire back up.

Imagine waking up every day filled with purpose and direction. ¬†Imagine looking forward to a “dreaded monday.” Imagine each an every morning felt amazing, where you woke up feeling ambitious, motivated and happy.

This life is available to you. This life is waiting for you. This life is within your reach. This is your life. You just have to ignite your fire back up.

God wants to tear down that wall you put up, the very wall that keeps you complacent with your fire suppressed. He wants to give you beyond what you can imagine in your life.

He see’s the walls that you put up and he is knocking with that voice. Let him in, and tear down your wall once and for all, there is a beautiful life filled with adventure, passion and purpose already prepared for you all the days of your life.