The Promise Will Come Through You

The Promise Will Come Through You

We had just came down the mountain and taking our maxi taxi back to the hotel. I was listening to one of my favorite worship songs From Hillsong United called “Father” I was dwelling in the spirit at this moment, and mastermind Sergio Moran leading my media on the tour, had cameras everywhere and caught it. I thought I was safe sitting at the back of the bus, guess not! :o) This is a rare moment that people never see me do in public. Usually I sit quietly alone and listen to my music.

At this moment I was remembering two years prior how we were trying to put together this trip. We started with a concept with Lee Wyser. We talked about mountain surfing to mountain bike riding, and trail running. Then we settled with how nice would it be to climb the tallest peak in Africa. Mt. kilimanjaro. Two years ago, in Zurich Switzerland over sushi it was just a dream that was a “would be nice todo one day” Lee and I kept in contact and worked together to see if anything changed on our side to make this visit to Africa reality. It was an expensive venture that neither of us could afford to absorb. but we always kept the dream alive.

In late 2012 we decided that enough talking about doing the climb, lets actually do it. So in 2013 we started to try and raise funds. Our efforts were not matched and with no choice left we decided to abort the trip.

I knew that my future was to visit Africa. I prayed about it, I thought God was leading me, and I waited and worked hard, I was doing everything right, however when my plans didn’t work out,  I thought that I was beyond my reach and abilities. I thought I was doing it on my own will and might.

Deep down inside I knew that I was told a promise from God that I would visit Africa and inspire the nations.

I started to think that the promise would come through somebody else. That made more sense. I started to think I didn’t know the right people or had the right talent to make it happen. So I recruited other people to be the leader and organizers of the tour. When they took over, I said Thank You, Lord. The promise will come to pass.

But God said, “No, Rajesh. I didn’t put the promise in them. I put the promise in you. You have hidden treasure that is still buried in you. As long as you keep on thinking “I don’t know the right people or have the right talent to make it happen. I’m not qualified to talk business, I’m at a disadvantage.”  I would always be talking myself out of what I need to do.

How many times do we do the same thing? “I could never be in management, I could never be a leader, I could never negotiate with business people, I’m too young I don’t have the right education.” No, rest assured that God is saying “I didn’t put the promise in somebody else. I put the promise in you.” Look past your circumstances today.