The Size Of Your Problem Is The Size Of Your Future

The Size Of Your Problem Is The Size Of Your Future

The size of your problem is the size of your future. For the majority of my life I used to wonder why do I have to go through so many problems. A simple task to tie my shoes turned into a major event that was to be avoided at all cost, I would go through great lengths to endure my shoes untied because I would be too embarrassed to ask people to tie my shoes. Since I couldn’t do this simple task I would feel so beaten down by it that everyday I asked the questions why are my problems so huge compared to everyone else’s.

Avoiding a problem is the quickest way to making it a huge problem. These simple problems eventually turned into huge road blocks in my life, that held me back in many areas for years. Since I had avoided my simple problem of trying to tie my shoe, something that was meant to be fun and what you would look forward to like participating in regular gym activities in school was daunting and gave me extreme anxiety.

Imagine trying to run with a sneaker that is untied, you might as well take it off and run. This simple problem also stemmed into feeling incapable of taking care of myself, which lead to hopelessness and sadness.

I thought if I can’t tie my shoe, how can I tie my kids shoes. If I couldn’t take care of myself in this simple task and managing this simple problem how can I handle much larger problems to come.

I realized that the problems were not going to go away until I decided to face them and go through it. Facing a problem is much harder than actually realizing there is a problem. You see when you face a problem it takes courage, determination and a self realization that you need to rise higher out of your comfort zone. What you end up doing is making a conscious decision in which instead of running away from your problems you will face them head strong.

As we apply this to our lives we can see that the size of our problems are based on the size of our future. You see when you have big problems that means you have a big future and when you decided to face big problems it takes you into your future. 

Do not let your little problems prevent you from achieving your big future. Imagine if we let all our little problems constantly keep us so busy that we never get a chance to go through the big problems. That is exactly what prevents you from having the energy and clarity to conquer the larger battle. 

Make a choice and decide not to pay any mind to small minded people and problems. Fight the battles that really matter that will carry you into your large bright future already prepared for you.