You Can’t Tell Me What Todo

You Can’t Tell Me What Todo

You Can’t Tell me What Todo

What is bondage, really? Bondage sounds really intimidating, but when you think about it, most of the time, it’s just a bad habit, of something you’ve done for so long it seems to have a hold on you.

The truth is, you can choose to make new habits.

You can break up with your bad habits just like you can break up with a bad boyfriend or girlfriend. Bad relationships are one of the hardest habits to break, but if we choose to end them, we can spare ourselves a lot of trouble and pain.

The Do-It-Yourself Trap

“With the help of God and a decision on your part, you can break every bad habit and replace it with a good habit.”

Breaking a bad habit requires making a series of good choices, one after the other.
Most of us will try to do that on our own without the help of the Holy Spirit.
But eventually we figure out that we can’t please God without putting our faith in Him to help us.

The Holy Spirit is always standing by in case you get into trouble and need a little help.
But He won’t just show up uninvited. You have to ask Him for help.

Romans 12:21 says we overcome evil with good.
That’s one of the biggest secrets in the Word of God. It’s a lot easier to make the
right choice when you’re focusing on God and your victory instead of the fear of failure.

In Good Company

If you have a weakness in a certain area, don’t hang around people who have that same weakness. Hang around people who can help you.

We don’t have to spend every minute of our lives in church. But we do need to get connected with people who are making good choices.

One of the best ways to learn to walk in the Spirit is to hang around with people
who are following God. As we’ve got to walk in the Spirit to overcome the lusts of our flesh.

The Crisis Point

I used to smoke. I started smoking when I was 14 years old. I started it because it was my way of giving up on myself.

Smoking was my way of killing myself. I didn’t love myself or believing in my abilities or myself as a person. For a long time I didn’t want to quit, I wanted to silently kill myself and give up. By the the time I knew I should quit, I didn’t want to because I thought I’d have nothing to mask my pain and I would
have to deal with myself head on.

So that was my excuse for years. Then I got into this cycle where I would quit and start again, quit and start again. And I thought I’d never be able to quit smoking.

It wasn’t until I became a serious Christian I knew I had to make a change. I came to my crisis point.

Usually a crisis point comes before a lot of us are willing to change. Sometimes it takes a doctors visit scare of cancer for a person to quit. You don’t have to wait for your crisis point. Just bite the bullet and say, “That’s it. I’m done with this.”

Repetition Becomes Habit

Some people say you can break a habit by consistently following through for 21 days. Others say it takes 30 days. Well, I just say anything you do repetitively for a period of time becomes a habit.

And if you choose not to do something repetitively, for a period of time, that becomes a habit too.

Don’t be afraid to be a little uncomfortable for a while. If you don’t think you’re ready, just ask God for help. With His help and a decision on your part, you can break every bad habit that you’ve got and replace it with a good habit.

Visualize Your Victory

I encourage you to think of one bad habit that you’d like to start working on. Maybe if you ask God, he will give you a miracle, or maybe he will ask you to work on it for a while, but one thing is for sure he will help you through it.

Then you start visualizing your victory. Think about who you want to be and what your life will be like when you’re free.

Deuteronomy 28 as an motivation. which says is, if you obey God, He will bless you, and if you disobey God, He’ll curse you.

Start to like working with God, trying to conquer things and not let the enemy rule you.

When you think this way, you can get free from one thing and go on to another thing. Pretty soon, you’ll start to realize that you have some real authority in Christ as you decide to live your life with the thrill of growing and changing, so you won’t miss out on the good things God can do through you.