About Rajesh

Rajesh Durbal is a triple-amputee professional triathlete, author, inventor and film producer.

As a highly sought after Performance Life Coach, Rajesh advises international government leaders, dignitaries and the CEO’s of fortune 500 Companies in the art of self expression, leadership, personal development, effective speaking & human relations.

He started Live Free Foundation to conduct events and seminars which to date, have trained more than 500,000 people, in 16 different countries, to achieve their full potential and experience life, every day, at the highest level possible.

As the first triple-amputee to compete in one of the hardest endurance races in the world, The Hawaii IronMan World Championships in 2010 and 2011 and as an inventor holding a provisional patent in prosthetic quick connect component to improve mobility and decrease limitations for amputees, Rajesh leads by example.

Last year, with a group of athletes and para-athletes, he ascended the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He is the producer of the movie, Beyond Boundaries.

A documentary of the accent. Free on Youtube:

Rajesh holds strongly to the belief that we all have the power of choice to control our actions and reactions and with good choices, we can change any situation for the better.

Sharing His Story to Help Others

Rajesh’s journey is an incredible testimony of faith, hope and endurance. He was born with missing bones in both legs and a partially developed right arm. During his first year of life, his legs were amputated and he was put in a partial body cast for six months. After recovery, he was fitted for prosthetics at the age of two and began the process of learning how to walk.

In attempting to lead a normal life while growing up, he faced many adversities, mental, physical, and emotional. He spent years struggling to fit in and to be accepted by his peers. He hid himself in his clothing so as not to reveal his missing limbs. He often thought about suicide to escape the mental and emotional torment. Through his struggles, he discovered an unconditional, non-judgmental love through Jesus Christ. This became the driving life force that helped free him to live life amazingly and unashamedly.

In 2009, Rajesh began an adventure that would transform his life and inspire the world. He took a leap of faith, competing in the City of Orlando Corporate 5K race. He didn’t even come close to finishing first but he finished. That inspired him to challenge himself even further.

He decided to compete in the Ford 2010 IronMan World Championship triathlon. Though his peers did not believe it safe for him to attempt, Rajesh was determined to prove that all things were possible through Christ, who strengthened him. He trained for hours at a time running, biking and swimming both day and night. He spent countless hours building his running shoes from an old pair of Nike sneakers. Four versions of the same sneaker later, he was able to run a Half Marathon race using his prosthetic walking legs. Persevering, he spent multiple hours in Home Depot, on the floor, in the aisle, creating and building his own prosthetic bike leg prototype.

With encouragement from his family and close friends, he entered the Kona Hawaii Ironman World Championship triathlon to compete in swimming 2.4 miles in the ocean, biking 112 miles through rugged lava field terrain, followed by a 26.2 mile run through lava fields, finishing in 14 hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds. He made history as the world’s first triple-amputee to compete and finish this race.

In 2011 Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer declared Monday February 7th, officially as, “Rajesh Durbal Day” in honor of his leadership and accomplishments.

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