Do It Anyway

When you have a dream, don’t wait till everything is perfect, that day will never come. Condition yourself to pursue your dream everyday.

I met this young girl, she worked behind a small kitchen a small establishment selling food. Every morning, I would see her and order the usual breakfast. I would always greet her with a smile and ask her how is her day was. Then I would ask what was the highlight to look forward to in the day.

Everyday she would reply back with “Nothing, and nothing ever exciting is happening. The same old same old.”

I would say, “Make it exciting. There has to be something that you can expect and get excited about.”

She would reply day after day, “No. Life is boring and stale. I have no money, I am always working, and when I am not working, I am sleeping and trying to catch up with everything that I don’t get chance to do because I am working.”

I quickly change the tone, and ask her about what is going right. She said her sister graduated college and I didn’t. “I’m a looser.” I said, “Your not a looser, your just taking a break for the moment.

She was defeated, no smile, her eyes looked dead and she believed that this was as great as her life was going to be, working in a small kitchen making minimum wage.

Have you ever felt like life has dealt you some blows and instead of getting up you stayed down? After a setback you can start to think, “Whats the use, no one believes in me. I’m too young, no one will give me the time of the day.”

Get Up

It’s better to get up knowing that you could of gone one more round than to stay down and live with regret and defeat.

My entire life is built around people telling me what I could not do. What I will never do, and what I should let others do for me. “That’s just the way it is Rajesh, your disable and you can’t do everything someone with all their limbs can do.”

It was not a easy road. Following your dreams requires you to sometimes put cotton in your ears. Let me explain. When the critics start talking telling you that it cannot be done, just put some cotton in your ears so you don’t hear the accusing voices telling you, “You are never going to do that.” “The industry won’t let you, you will get in trouble.”

Rest assure, when you have a dream in your heart, you can be sure that you have the talent, creativity, and determination to see it through. You might not have people to always believe in you, but you can believe in yourself first.

The Right People Will Come

The right people will come into your life and the wrong people will leave. Pursing your dream requires you to set a higher level of expectations for yourself and the people around you. Not everyone will be for you or willing to rise to a higher level.

Do not worry, as you continue down your road you will attract like minded people that will be for you. They will empower you and stretch you to become better. When you start surrounding yourself with the right people you will develop the courage you need to keep going when the going gets tough, cheering you on to keep going, every dream is within reach.

You Are Equipped

It’s important to know that there will be times your might be in uncharted waters alone. Remember you are a leader standing courageous out in front. Everyone is behind you watching you lead the way.

Your dream was given to you to fulfill, not someone else. Don’t let the voices tell you that you are too young, too old, not healthy enough, not talented, or creative. You can fulfill that dream no matter what the negative critics and your inner voice is telling you.

When you face a huge challenge, and you don’t think you have what it takes, remember the challenge was sent to define you. Every challenge that you face reminds you who you are, and show’s the world that you are capable. It establishes You.

Victory over the challenge gives you credibility with others to show that you have good favor in your life.

Start taking steps towards your dream. Develop the menu, invent a new recipe, start putting that business plan together. Have the faith before you see it.

When you take steps towards your destiny, and following the calling in your heart you will see new doors open up, and you will overcome challenges you once thought were impossible.

The promise and dream is IN YOU and no one else. It’s up to you to see it through.

Just Do It.