Enjoy the Storms In Life

Learn to enjoy the Storms of Everyday Life. Sickness, job loss, marriage problems, and even the threat of death. It is not promised we will never see a storm in life. It is promised that God will be with us in the storm. He will never leave His children alone in the midst of trouble.

After A Storm Comes A Calm

During a storm it’s hard to see when it will ever get better. You have rain, lightening, strong winds. Some storms are so huge that you can’t even see when it begins of ends. It looks huge and scary, and part of you is afraid to venture into the storm. We have all been there at some point driving down the highway and in a distance you see a huge storm in front of you. Yet you keep on driving toward it. Some storms are so bad that you can’t see where you are going, forcing you to pull over and wait for it to pass.
As you wait, you can’t help to think, “Will it ever pass. How much longer will it take.” How many times have we felt like life is on hold until we get through a rough patch in life.
If your like me, you get some time to check your phone and respond to messages. Maybe even enjoy where you are at, listening to the rain drops hit the windshield. Some people on the other hand get upset, discouraged, angry their plans are not working out. Maybe that is you, always rushing through your day, uptight and angry. You are not only going through a storm, you have the storm in you. If that is you, understand you can still enjoy being in the storm. Just because your plans are not coming to pass in your timing, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a plan. There is a way, even when you don’t see a way.
Turn up the music and enjoy where you are at knowing that whatever you are facing, calm peace is coming. You will see the sun shine again. You will see your plans come to pass.
If you can have the courage to drive into a storm, then you have the same courage in you to face the storm with the attitude of peace, confidence and joy.

Play After Every Storm

“If I can just get through the day then I will enjoy what I have.” “If I can just get through this rough season I will start to enjoy my life.” The problem is sometimes it never happens. After every set back we can get so focused on trying to get back what we lost. Don’t let that be you.
You have a responsibility to yourself to enjoy your day’s.
Worrying about preventing and control everything will drive you crazy.Control is a false self of security. The answer to your problem is not worry. Worrying does nothing for you. Focus on what you can do and do it as best that you can. The rest will take care of itself eventually.
Play more and make it a habit to jump in a puddle after every storm. I do it to remind me,

“Always live in the moment and appreciate the storms In life.”