How Emotions Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

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Life is not about experiences; it’s about the meaning we attach to them. One experience will be completely different for any two people simply because of the meaning they attach to it.

As we go through life, we attach meaning to everything. Those meanings turn into emotions, and ultimately, those emotions frame the life we live.
The meaning that we attach to things is strongly influenced by either culture or someone who’s been a big part of our lives — they helped to shape our identity. But in order to transcend those beliefs we must resolve our inner conflict, get back to the root of what makes us who we are and align with that truth.

There are Negative emotions worth embracing.

Anger can be fueled into creativity. Channel you anger into the work.

Many people say that life-threatening health scares became blessings in disguise that fundamentally altered their perspectives and highlighted what’s really important in life.

“On reflection, I realized that my most valuable lessons arose from difficulties and setbacks I had to confront, and imperfections I had to accept,”


Shame — that painful feeling of humiliation or distress rooted in the belief that we’re somehow deficient — is what causes us to avoid connecting with others for fear that they’ll see the flaws we are trying to hide.

The practice of mindfulness — which aims to cultivate a focused awareness on the present moment — can change our relationship with negative emotions, allowing us to experience them without judgement or shame.

Feeling bad about having a negative emotion is a surefire way to compound and amplify the situation, You can quickly build a tower of negative emotions that can all come crumbling down.

But mindfulness practices like meditation allow us to experience negative thoughts and emotions without judgment, resistance or struggle.