How to Know Your Life Purpose

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How to know your life purpose in 3 minutes.

Who are you?
What you do?
Who do you do it for?
What do those people want and need?
How do they change as a result?

Take the answer to each question and develop your life purpose.
Who you are? Rajesh Durbal

What you do? I inspire people to improve their lives. I help

Who you do it for? People who are top performers wanting to get to a higher level and people who are trying to turn everything around lost, broken and unhappy.

What do those people want and need? They need to get better so life is more enjoyable. They want the strategy to help shift their mindset and a action plan which helps makes it possible to win in life.
How do they change as a result? They are excited, hopeful, taking action and reconnecting with who they are.

My Life purpose statement: I help people take decisive action so they can live their best life now and get their greatest work into the world.