Live Your Dream

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Whatever it is you decide to make true in your life, you can do that. Have you made the decision?

It’s going to take an insane amount of work, you’re going to have to be prepared to break yourself in half. You’re going to have to learn more than anyone else has has to learn. You’re going to have to push yourself harder than anyone else has ask for you to push yourself before.

You’re going to go way beyond your breaking point. You’re going to run until you vomit. You’re going to study until you fall asleep. You’re going to push and push and push and when you hit the limit you’re going to push again.


The future belongs to those who prepare.

If you don’t put in the backbreaking work to developing yourself the world is going to pass you by. The people who are going to own it will be the ones who did that work.

You’re not alone. There are people out there doing the work of failing and getting up and getting better and pushing themselves.

Whatever you do, you have to move forward. It’s not okay to make excuses. It’s not okay for the world to stop so you can step out in front. It’s not okay to expect little of yourself and expect great rewards.

The only thing is to be aligned to what the world is, and that is to be great you’ve got to become capable of greatness.

You’ve got to develop your skillset and drag yourself forward to a vision of yourself that is clear so that nothing could knock you off your path.

Focus on knowing exactly where you’re going and dedicate to pay whatever price you have to pay, because if you want a future that makes you happy and if you want a world that you’re excited about, work for it.