Look Out

If you wait for your window of opportunity to come, before you make a decision you’re going to be waiting a long time. That window doesn’t exist. The opportunity comes when you take the first step, and continue taking steps until you see your goal accomplished. Don’t even look at the money. It’s your goal, it’s your passion, it’s everything you wanted. You can’t put a price on that.

I have a good friend, he is ambitious, active in and out of work. He is constantly setting goals and achieving them. Every morning I would see him and we would talk about what’s next on our calendar. We usually have big goals and dreams to share with each other while inspiring and encouraging one another. After we talk, we both walk away feeling like we can accomplish the world.

One day our usual conversation was a little different. He asked me how to be inspired and motivated. At first I was taken back, because I would consider him to be self motivated. He shared with me that he wanted to grow and evolve into more. He needed a new challenge. He needed a purpose. He needed a reason.

How many people ever felt like that?

You go through day after day with the same job, same routine, same limited thinking. Then you look back and half your life is over and you are not where you thought you would be. Your stressed, struggling, worried and frustrated. You feel like life has passed you by and you have nothing to show for it.

Of Course – You Fail to Plan and Planned to Fail.

My friend wanted to take a step that he did not see. He didn’t think that he could make it. I knew he could do whatever he set out to do. He just needed some help in discovering the potential within himself.
We all have unlimited potential, to live our lives at a higher level. However you will not reach your full potential until you seek it. You will not seek it, until you believe it’s there. Faith.

I summed it up to simple questions to help him re-discover what he already had.

1. What is the truth of your value?
First key is who you are. Who you are is valuable. No matter what you have, what you own, your nationality, relationship status. ect.

2. What Lies are you believing?
In your life, do not believe the lies of the truth of your value to be devalued. The truth of your value is watered down by all the lies. Your value doesn’t decrease or increase. You were born with value and you will die with value.

3. What is the Truth of your purpose?
You were purposed before the foundations of the earth.

4. Truth of your destiny.
You are destined to do ALL things. All your day’s are already written in the history books.