Mastering Life Even Without Legs

In case you are new here, or a long time follower of my work and journey through life, I am a triple amputee that was born with congenital deformities. I wasn’t always extremely successful or happy with life given the circumstances, but I turned things around and haven’t looked back since!

Right now I travel a lot for speaking along with participating in various events and conferences because I love to influence the world to bring humanity the opportunities through our events to add color, flair, joy, and vibrancy in life where you feel like you come alive! Below is a short teaser video of something never done before in Zurich Switzerland. While on tour we organized to Sprint at the Opera House to get people reconnecting with themselves so that they want to contribute and build not just a great life, but a life full of excellency and vibrance.


After the event was over. Here I was sharing some knowledge with a athlete on how to take his performance to a higher level. I love working with people at every level of life, along with top athletes and celebrities that want the extra edge with fulfillment and continued growth. Below I put together some simple strategies that I use and also what many other highly successful people do.

1. Raise Your level of thinking. You have to change yourself to get there. Do that by consciously designing your life. What you fell into is not what you decided to do.

2. Knowledge is power, If you really want to succeed in something, you have to study your craft. If you want to earn 10 times more you have to commit 10 times more. If you want to have better relationships you need to commit more. To be a better athlete you have to train more.

3. Decide what it is specifically you need to give up so that you can focus on commitment. Commitments mean getting rid of distractions.

4. You need coaching, someone that advises and mentors you. A outside influence that is already where you want to be.

5. Having your own internal charge. Develop the way you think about yourself, give yourself more credit, give yourself a bigger vision. Don’t base your vision of what you accomplished yesterday, set a new level and standard.