Move Out The Way




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  1. Beware of the average man; the average woman. They will attempt to destroy anything that differs than their own.

2. Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself. Change your tone so that they can never categorize you.

3. Be self taught, it belongs only to you.

4. Do it despite rejection and it will be better than anything else you can image. This could mean girlfriends, friends jobs, not eating for 3-4 day’s, freezing on a park bench isolation.

5. Isolation is a gift. If you are going to try it go all the way, otherwise don’t even start.

6. You can keep your head when all others are loosing theirs and blaming you. It happens if you can trust yourself.

7. You can force your heart to serve you long after everyone’s gone. Do it. Do it. All the way.

8. Rage against the dying life. Do not go gently into the night.

9. Excellence takes time. Achievements takes patience.

10. Getting knocked down is a blessing. It’s refining your approach.

11. The safe road holds no victories, only regrets. The price is much steeper letting life go by and wishing we turned our opportunity into something real.

12. Uncomfortable is an ingredient. Your question is “Am I giving enough?”

13. If you want to be the best your mindset needs to reflect the best. Excellence lies in everything under the surface that can’t be seen. That’s your gold mine.

14. Take what’s yours and hold it up for the world to see. What hurts now in the present will transform your life down the road.

15. Show some self discipline, by installing the quality of your rituals that will work to help you drive through the hard moments.