One Weekend Can Change Everything.

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This week’s challenge: Wake up an hour earlier and do something for your finances/career/dreams.

Use the time to knock out a few tasks or even a major goal you’ve been putting off. Better yet, start a new morning routine that allows you to ease into your day more stress-free!

Here are a few suggestions, but what you actually do with this hour is completely up to you. (And if one week is too much – do at least ONE DAY so you can see what it feels like!)

  • Monday: Go for a walk or read. (Let’s ease into this, nothing too drastic!)
  • Tuesday: Finally pay those bills that have been piling up on your counter.
  • Wednesday: Get to work an hour early to impress your boss and/or do actual work.
  • Thursday: Start tracking your net worth!
  • Friday: Go over your expenses from the week and see what you can be better about.
  • Saturday: Work on your side hustle!
  • Sunday: Spend an hour in gratitude, thankfulness, and reflection.


We all need some structure in our lives, or at least a set of rules to follow – even if we make them ourselves. This is the basis of personal finance, after all.

  • Spend less than you make – RULE
  • Save/invest the difference – RULE (and an important one!)
  • Pay off your credit cards at the end of every month – RULE (this counts even if you’re a hacker gobbling up all the free points and miles and cash back, btw. The second you leave balances on those cards the benefits start diminishing!)
  • Protect your wealth/stuff/family with insurance – RULE. A boring rule, but a rule nonetheless
  • Always be learning and reading Budgets Are Sexy – RULE. The best rule 😉

Another benefit of being an adult – WE GET TO MAKE THE RULES NOW!! How sweet is that?? We may not enjoy following them all, but if you want the life of your dreams – both now and in the future – the rules are a necessary part of making it happen.