Starting Over

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How would you like to experience more of life, and the aliveness that comes when you realign to what your sense of purpose is?

It’s closer than you think. You can have more energy, and time to do the things that bring more pleasure for you. It’s starts with developing the focus of what you exactly want in life.

In order to win the game of your life. You have to work with other people. You’ve got to learn the rules.

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The first rule of the game is learn the rules.

The decided what the purpose of the game is for you, for at least right now. The purpose of my life is to_____________.

It can be whatever you want it to be. It’s doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be excellent. Change it until it feels right, I don’t expect for you to get it right the first time.

I bet you didn’t do it. Do it Now! You’ve got to at least have a target. If you don’t know, then how would you decide on what to do? This is a mission statement, it’s a purpose statement for your life.

All decision making is value clarification.

If you don’t know what you value most in life, then you can’t make a easy decision.

Choosing and focusing is the hardest part of life. Deciding what to spend your time on, and energy is hard. Having a clear focus allows you to be efficient doing things right, and being effectivedoing the right things. 

How to make your life work:

1. Have fewer rules. The more rules you have on how people have to be, and how life has to be, to be happy the less happier you will be.

2. The happiest people is when they find joy in a smile, adventure, or a in a simple action. If you can find joy in that, then the big things are just a bonus.

3. If you find yourself reacting to something that someone else has done, ask your self how significant is this thing really? Ask yourself, what do you have to believe? Does everyone have to live by your rules? Maybe if you just let go of it and let people live by their own rules, you could be more happier.

4. Make your rules consistent. Identify and find the conflicts. You will realize this is a total contradiction on how you want to live your life, and hold yourself to your highest values.

5. Give yourself pleasure when you win even when the world doesn’t. You can do everything right and still not get the pleasure. So what! Acknowledge yourself. Give yourself some credit for doing the right things. Give it to yourself so that you always feel good, and stay committed to your highest values.

6. When you don’t do things right, or you screw up, or when you violate your own values and purpose in life. Happy people give themselves a short burst of pain. They don’t wait for the world to give them pain. That’s why they stay on track.

7. Realize that everybody in life has different rules. Your job is to try to find out the rules of everyone’s lives, cause when you find out their rules and what there “must’s” are in life, it makes life easier.

8. Take life easy. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take yourself lightly.

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