Understanding Your Value

Understanding Your Value

I remember when I was trying out for the high school basketball team. I’ll never forget the day the coach called us into the gym to tell us who made the team. He began to call out the names one by one. I didn’t hear my name, but I was sure I was going to be next. The more names he called out, the lower I sank. He finally said, “Alright, here’s the last name.” He called it out, and it wasn’t my name.  I was so disappointed. He told me later, “Rajesh, I’d love to have you on the team. You’re just not good enough.”  That stuck with me for a long time.

Those words rang out in my mind again and again. “You heard what the coach said. You’re not good enough. There’s something wrong with you.” Have you noticed how the negative voices will always play the loudest? If you don’t take control of your thought life, then every hurt, every criticism, every derogatory comment will play again and again. I was tempted to be insecure, to feel inferior, and lose my confidence. But I had to keep reminding myself, “He may have said I’m too small, but I know God made me like I am on purpose. He may have said I’m not good enough, but God says I’m a masterpiece. They may have rejected me, but God says He accepts me.”

It says in 1 Peter 2:9, “You have been chosen by God Himself.” People may leave you out. People may overlook you. But always remember, the One who matters most chooses you. That means you weren’t randomly chosen. God, on purpose, looked at you and said, “I choose him. I choose her. They’re My son. They’re My daughter. That’s who I want on My team.”

People may tell you, “You’re just too small.” But God says, “You’re just the right size for Me.” People may say, “You’re not talented. We don’t need you. You don’t have anything to offer.” But God says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are talented. You are creative. You are anointed. You are smart. You are intelligent. You are amazing.”

Whenever we feel that sting of rejection, instead of getting down on ourselves and losing our sense of value, our attitude should be, “I may be disappointed. This may hurt. But I’m not going to sink down into self-pity and start thinking that there is something wrong with me. I know the One who matters most, the One who controls the universe, handpicked me. I may not have been chosen by the coach, the boss, or a friend, but I was chosen by the Most High God; and He says that His plans for me are for good and not evil, to give me a future and a hope.”

I know some of you have gone through more than your share of unfair situations. But here’s what I’ve learned. Even though life is not fair, God is fair. If you will not go around thinking there is something wrong with you, but instead start seeing yourself as handpicked by God — valuable, lovable, with something great to offer — then God said He will pay you back for your former shame. That means He’ll make the rest of your life twice as good as it would have been if that had never even happened to you.

But you’ve got to do your part. Don’t allow what somebody did or didn’t do steal your future and cause you to go through life feeling not good enough, not talented, not attractive. No, realize that you’re a child of God. Your value doesn’t come from people or accomplishments; it comes from your Creator. Put your shoulders back. Hold your head up high. Live with confidence. God has gone before you and made all your crooked places right.